10/06 – ASSORAM al ‘5th CSCMP EUROPEAN CONFERENCE 2021’ – Gratuito per gli associati Assoram


Assoram parteciperà alla Tavola Rotonda “Vaccine Supply Chain: The Hot Topic of Vaccine Cold Chain and Massive Distribution”, in programma giovedì 10 giugno alle ore 15, nel corso della 5a Conferenza Europea del CSCMP.

CSCMP’s EDGE Supply Chain Conference and exhibition is a 2-day event like no other, with unlimited opportunities to learn from industry experts, listen to experienced speakers from all over the Europe and the USA. Attendees can have networking among themselves and with the most influential supply chain thought leaders in the World. For the first time it’s in Italy and, due to Covid-19 pandemic, it’s hybrid: all sessions are both virtual and on site.

Roundtable “Vaccine Supply Chain: The Hot Topic of Vaccine Cold Chain and Massive Distribution”

Chairman: Michele Palumbo, Adjunct Professor, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


  • Daniele Marazzi, Executive Director, Consorzio DAFNE
  • Brian Martin, Global Head of Pharma & Healthcare Vertical Sales + Marketing, Kuhene+Nagel
  • Gianpiero De Mestria, Consiglio Nazionale ASSORAM

Competences we can leverage for massive vaccine distribution. A key factor to the “New Normal”. COVID-19 is reshaping our lives, the world we were used to is changed and we will not get back, resilience is not enough if we do not adapt and take advantage of the opportunities hidden in this challenge. We have learned we can count on reliable and fully committed healthcare professionals we called heroes. And we have learned that we can rely on a robust logistics backbone able to deliver food, health, and essential items to our houses. Key factor to the “New Normal” is a massive vaccine distribution.

Which are the distributive strategies, the key factors, and the know-how we can count on to cope with this challenge in this emergency phase and in the future?

Which is role of your organisations in the development of those potentials and how can they be unlocked?


L’evento sarà in inglese con simultanea traduzione in italiano. Per partecipare all’evento è necessaria l’iscrizione cliccando qui.